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Lužánky Ice Skating

During the winter season, the ice rink serves not only for public skating but is also available for rent - it can be used for school children skating lessons or as an ice-hockey rink for hobby players.

Ice Rink

The ice rink was inaugurated in February of 2009. The ice surface sized 40 by 28 meters is partly cooled by an eco-friendly heat transfer medium. The boards around the rink are not firmly fixed to the base surface but are only frozen into the ice surface. The ice rink is meant especially for public skating. However, it is used by schools and ice-hockey hobby players in the mornings.
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Skate Rental

Feel like doing some skating when passing by the ice rink accidentally? Would you like to try skating but have no skates? You are more than welcome to visit our skare rental service. There are over 50 pairs of skates of all sizes to choose from!
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Skate Sharpening Service

The ice rink facilities also include skate sharpening service. You can have your skates sharpened professionally during public skating times.
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Changing Room And Facilities

The building located next to the ice rink houses a changing room with lockers, a refreshment stand, WC, skate rental and sharpening service and even a first-aid station. All ground surfaces are covered with rubber flooring to allow you to walk around the premises comfortably with your skates on.
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There is a refreshment stand available to you at the main building of the ice rink. It is accessible directly from the ice rink via rubber flooring. The offering includes sufficient range of beverages and foods to keep you warm and give you enough energy when having fun on the rink. We look forward to your visit.

Current offering of refreshments.

History Of The Building

Today's mobile ice rink is situated at the site of a former famous ice arena inseparably connected with the Kometa Brno ice hockey team. The former ice arena was inaugurated in 1947 as an open-air ice rink and it had an artificially cooled ice surface since its very beginning. The roof of the ice rink was not added until 1964. Today, the entire arena building is gone as it ceased to exist in 2008.

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